20 okt. 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Rowans

Sorbus aucuparia Rowan or European Rowan, is a species of the genus Sorbus (subgenus Sorbus), native to most of Europe except for the far south, and northern Asia. It has received many alternative names, the most frequently seen being "Mountain Ash"

Like other rowans, it is widely grown as an ornamental tree. Several cultivars have been selected, including 'Asplenifolia' with very deeply serrated leaves, 'Beissneri' with coppery-orange bark and erect branching, and 'Fructu Luteo' with yellow fruit.
The fruit, called rowan berries in culinary usage, are usually very bitter and inedible fresh, but are used to make jam or jelly, with a distinctive bitter flavour. Rowan jelly is a traditional accompaniment to game and venison. The cultivar 'Edulis' has been selected for its less bitter fruit.

In the United Kingdom, where it is often known as the wiggen tree, the Mountain Ash has traditionally been used as an anti-witching device.

But they do start to fall of, I did get some all over the place.

I have tried to eat gelo with this but never tried vine and you?

Ruby Teusday - Red
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